Bringing Horizon2020 closer: new possibilities for SMEs
1 day training with the following items:

1. EU financing system
2. Horizon 2020: Industrial Leadership program - Get ready!
Introduction to the new structure: how to be prepared? What to expect for?
3. Excellence Science and Societal Challanges: possibilities to SMEs
4. Introduction to the new electronic system of the EU: Participants Portal
5. Financial controlling system of the EU, or Audit? Anytime!

1. From idea to submission: how to submit an EU proposal?
1 day training with the following items:

1. Partner search: what and how to use to find partners or join to a consortium?
2. Setting up and leading a consortium
3. Budget planning: eligible and non-eligible items
4. Tasks of the coordinator, tasks of the partners
5. Content of the Grant Agreement and its’ Annexes. Guides to follow
6. Importance of the Consortium Agreement- IPR at a glance
7. New Participants Portal: hands-on practical session with real-time practice!

2. From submission to execution and closure of the project
2 days training with the following items:

1. Before signing the Grant Agreement…Negotiation with the EU
2. Management of the consortium /participating as a partner in the consortium

  • project cycle
  • deliverables
  • milestones
  • organising consortium events, meetings
  • preparation of reports: practical session
  • amendment
  • financial report, external audit
  • other financial rules in a nutshell

3. Mentoring
DAY TO DAY SUPPORT (onsite and helpdesk) via consultancy and training of staff:
learning by doing and execute your project in line with the EU expectation.
During a long-term cooperation you and your staff can learn in practice the masterstrokes of a project-cycle.


4. After closing the project: Let’s (go to the) market!
How to exploit the outcome of the project? How to enter to the market? Business Planning

  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Technology Transfer
  • Innovation
  • Creating a Spin-off company
  • Linked company
  • IP Issues
  • License
  • IP possblities, strategies
  • IP rules /EC rules (Grant Agreement, Consortium Agreement, Joint Ownership Agreement/

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