Consulting on preparation for Ex-Post Audits from the European Commission

As the European Commission has the right to review projects up to 5 years after their finalization, ex-post financial audits may happen any time. During these audits the requirement from the auditors is to get access to a wide range of your computer / accounting data and information on individual salaries and timesheets.
Our experience shows that, the earlier and more accurately you get prepared the safer and more successful your audit result will be. Are you prepared? We will make sure that you are!
Our Consulting services in Financial Reporting and Audits cover all issues related to a sound financial management of EC projects and audit preparation. We share our practical experience to help you get prepared and adequately respond to the auditors’ expectations.
In order to support organisations in their preparation for the audits and check their financial systems and administration, this consulting focuses on financial issues and audit preparation with a programme adapted your needs, level of experience and the type of your projects.
This service is available via phone/Skype on an hourly basis if requested, but in case of financial matters, the personal consultancy is more efficient. When signing up, please describe shortly the topic you would like to discuss in order to assure you the most effective support.

Special focal points of our services

-      Checking Form C and preparing the required financial reports;
-      Review of all documents supporting the Certificate of Financial Statements (CFS);
-      Interpretation of the rules and procedures to your team (accountant, project manager, administration);
-      Review of documentation (invoices, timesheets, financial report(s), other project documents;
-      Highlight problematic areas from audit point of view;
-      Monitoring administrative and financial management performance.

                      With concerete issues please contact Dr. Ildiko Nagy:

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